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Cannabis Culture


Cannabis Tours

As more countries start the process to legalize the consumption and enjoyment of Cannabis we will continue to update you on tours and Cannabis Tourism opportunities in destinations that allow them. Click here to learn more.

Canadian Bud - Cannabis here is what you need to know

As of October 17, 2018 the Canadian Cannabis Act goes into effect and recreational use of marijuana becomes legal. Click here to read more about Legalization day and departuresXdean's Cannabis tour experience. 

  • In British Columbia the minimum age to buy cannabis is 19 years old and varies from province to province click here to learn more

  • Driving while high (impaired) or working while impaired is illegal

  • Flying with cannabis (30g) within Canada is permitted click here to learn more 

  • Crossing international borders with cannabis regardless of form (weed, oils, eatables, medical use) remains ILLEGAL. click here to learn more 

  • Where to buy BC Bud? click here to learn more 


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