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Barcelona Cannabis Tour

Barcelona Cannabis Tour

Visit one of Barcelona’s most unusual museums—Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum. By having a pre-booked ticket, you’ll save time waiting in long visitor lines. Get the most out of your experience by having an audio tour included. You’ll learn fascinating information about the museum’s collection as you walk round—including paintings, prints, tools, and rare antiques.

- No waiting in long visitor lines—admission ticket is included

- View one of the world’s biggest collections of medicinal cannabis bottles

- See rare 17th century original paintings by David Teniers the Younger

- Audio guide of Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum in Barcelona included

The history of the cannabis plant is the history of human civilization. This unique permanent exhibition shows visitors how a single amazingly versatile plant species enabled the development of clothing, medicine, sea travel, agriculture and more. And how cannabis and hemp - which are simply different strains of the same plant - have been part of everyday life for thousands of years. The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum of Barcelona presents valuable paintings and prints depicting cannabis use throughout history and rare antiques, such as the various tools and implements used to make hemp into rope, paper and fabrics. Art lovers will be delighted by the original paintings by noted 17th century artists David Teniers the Younger, Cornelis Decker and Herman Saftleven. This important collection of old masters is complemented by a wide array of botanical prints from the 18th and 19th century. A medicinal section representing one of the world’s largest collections of medicinal cannabis bottles dating back to the 19th century testifies to the widespread use of medicinal cannabis in the past.

Click here to learn more and to book your tour today.

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