Kim Kuzma

Kim Kuzma, Int'l performer

I’ve personally travelled and have worked for other travel companies so I have seen first hand the stress that is involved; keeping your clients happy while dealing with all the background details of last minute changes, etc. Dean has this remarkable way of making everyone feel at ease, from morning to midnight. Every detail is handled in a professional manner, while appearing he’s having fun himself, with a warm smile on his face. He’s an absolute joy to be around, ensuring his clients they will have the best time possible, whether embracing a new culture or creating a new and different adventure in their own country. This is a talent of it’s own and one he embraces wholeheartedly.

Karen Wrinkle.jpeg

Karen Wrinkle

I think from this moment onwards, most of us will have a completely deepened appreciation for travel. Whether it is for business, seeing family, going on an adventure or simply giving yourself a well-deserved treat.

Saying that, if when planning our sojourn you need assistance, advice and the sense of downright being taken care of – we will call Dean! Firstly, Dean listens with an acute ear and genuine caring to what is important to you then implements his skill, knowledge and experience along with his sincere desire to really help you. Secondly – the magic begins!!! Thank you Dean!

Bruce Thomas.jpeg

Bruce W Thomas MD, FRCS(C)

Dean Nelson is an awesome travel expert. My spouse and I have been on many vacations he has been associated with managing and several he has arranged for us. Any travel enterprise Dean is involved with will be imaginatively planned, flawlessly executed and conscientiously backstopped. I highly recommend him without hesitation for all your travel needs.

Roger Larochelle.jpeg

Roger Larochelle MD

I highly recommend Dean Nelson as Travel Consultant as he is very professional and knowledgeable with world travel no matter what suits your travel needs.  I have been using his services for many years and never had any bad experiences.  He is very attentive to my travel requirements and needs and has always provided me with high quality travel and accommodations no matter where I went.  He is very prompt in responding to my questions or concerns and has always been on top of things if my flights or accommodations ever changed.  He is easy to reach and answers my e-mails very quickly.  I have enjoyed wonderful places in the world that he arranged for me and would encourage travellers that don’t want the hassle of making arrangements themselves to seek his very affordable services!  Thanks Dean for all you have done for me and my travelling companions.  

Bob Charlotte Gillespie

Charlotte + Bob Gillespie

 We have dealt with Mr. Dean Nelson at 'Departures x Dean ' for many years.

He has booked us vacations, tours, cruises and many adventures.

All have been handled with his utmost care and knowledge.  In many instances he has provided us with invaluable information from his vast and varied travel experience in order to make our trips one of the most memorable. 

We highly recommend him.

Michael Judy.jpeg

Michael + Judy

New Westminster, BC

Working with Dean Nelson to arrange the details of our travel plans was a very enjoyable experience.


For one, his knowledge and his experience were quite useful. More importantly, we greatly enjoyed the fact that he treated us more as like friends rather than just like clients.


As a result, he was sincerely more interested in our enjoyment of our trip as a friend would rather than as an agent who was just solving some problems that some client gave him. His efforts to truly personalize our travel plans in accordance to what he might actually enjoy was a wonderful way to start making our holiday arrangements.


We highly recommend using his services. He knows what he is doing.