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Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyage Scarlet Lady sunset

Virgin Voyages - Scarlet Lady

She is named, in part, as an ode to our Virgin heritage (Scarlet was the name for one of the earliest Virgin Atlantic planes), but more importantly, to call attention to Virgin's pledge to a future of fostering gender equality across all Virgin Voyages crew. From ship to land, Virgin's new Scarlet Squad program will help promote female empowerment across the entire company. Ships, like everywhere on the planet, are made better when all of us are involved.

Virgin Voyages is 21st Century Sailing

Swipe it. Dim it. Play it. Tap it. Order. Love it. Virgin Voyages does not want to encourage you to stay in bed all day, but with their killer app and tablet in every room, they made it very tempting. And if the trip starts while you're mid-binge, worry not — Virgin literally has a satellite (yes, a satellite) that can beam you all the goodness. So dim the lights, order in, make a reservation all while being completely horizontal.

Virgin Voyages Environmental Stewardship 

Virgin Voyage's greatest aim is for sailors to have the best time on board while indulging… minus all the guilt.  So to do that, they have embedded sustainability deeply into both their operations and the sailor experience itself. Through pioneering innovative and sustainable technologies, banning unnecessary single-use plastics, and thoughtfully sourcing food and retail merchandise — they are creating a sailor experience that balances the duality of enjoying the earth and caring for it.

Virgin Voyages is Adult Only 

Virgin Voyage is geared towards adults where you can bring out your inner child and have adult oriented fun. Incredible dining experiences for the most instagramable foodie inspiration to low key grab and go. Health and wellness complete with Virgin Voyages' own boxing ring, tattoo studio, state-of-the-art gym equipment, personal trainers, spa, juice bar running track, and pool. When the sun goes down the ship heats up with some incredible entertainment and night clubs you would expect from Sir Richard Branson and his team.



Vergin Voyages Certified
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Sailors are lov'n Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages has had an amazing first year of operations. With the most 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor, awarded Cruise Critic’s Best New Cruise Ship, and Condé Nast Traveler’s Best New Cruises in the World — The Virgin Voyages team are so incredibly proud and grateful for the recognition they have been garnering in their first year of operations. And we’d love it if you came aboard to experience what everyone in the industry has been talking about.

On top of that, Virgin Voyages is thrilled to announce they just won 11 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards, earned the Prevue Magazine’s Silver Visionary Award for Best Premium Cruise Line, and Recommended Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Ocean Cruise Line Experience. And they have only just begun their second year of sailing.

Virgin Voyages is only getting better, and now that they are up for even more awards in the industry, join us and see how they continue to raise the bar (and glasses of Champagne!) higher and higher with every single voyage.

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Looking for some inspiration of where to voyage? Click PLAN VOYAGE for up-to-date pricing and inventory with Virgin Voyages or click here to set up a consultation with Dean today! 

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