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The Sexy Sixties Greek Isles Cruise Team

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Neysa – travel host

Having not been on a plane until the age of 17, Neysa didn’t start traveling in earnest until her mid-30s. A business trip to India in 1994 whetted her sense of adventure. A Greek odyssey with Todd and John Kramer in 1996 lit the flame. Since that time, Neysa has explored 109 countries on every continent. Giving credit where credit is due, she is most grateful to Todd for deeming her a worthy traveling companion and making many of these explorations possible! Her adventurous spirit took hold when she lived in Tanzania volunteer teaching at a secondary school. Since that time she has organized volunteer vacations to schools and missions in Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, Cuba and Puerto Rico and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of those schools. For her work, Pope Francis awarded Neysa a humanitarian medal. Neysa instilled a curiosity of global citizenship in her nieces and nephews taking them anywhere in the world they wanted to go when they were 10. Through the lens of 10 year old eyes, together they traversed England, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Tanzania, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Australia, Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos, New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland and Japan. Getting married didn’t slow her down. In their first 10 years of marriage, they traveled to more than 50 countries. When she is not enjoying a Blue Jays game in different ballparks across North America with Gord, you will find Neysa planning their next travel adventure.

Todd - travel host

When he switched his major from computer science to geography at Waterloo, little did Todd know he was getting the perfect training for what would become not only a career but a passion. Traveling extensively within Canada during his childhood, Todd’s favourite memories are of his family’s beloved Ontario cottage where he discovered his love of the water. From a polar dip in the Southern Ocean to bodysurfing Maui’s Little Beach (clothing optional!) to soaking up the rays at Super Paradise on Mykonos, he never misses a chance to take the plunge. Todd is a travel agent specializing in continuing medical education (CME) conferences for more than 20 years at Sea Courses Inc. Being the senior agent and the passion to travel, Todd has escorted many of the the CMEs, leading is his Château Lafite style (developing a taste for fine red wines along the way) on a Two-Buck Chuck budget. When it comes to the country count, Todd is leading the charge with both Neysa and Dean hot on his tail. Todd has been there; done that – well not quite as this cruise will be Todd’s first time to explore Crete, birthplace of Greek god Zeus with Greek mythology being another of his interests. He is looking forward to this Sexy 60s odyssey welcoming friends new and old and to sharing his knowledge and love for travel.

Dean - travel advisor

Todd and Neysa are trusting the travel arrangements to this Sexy 60s odyssey to their good friend and travel companion Dean Nelson. From camping in Antarctica to dune buggy in Dubai, Dean’s infectious and inquisitive spirit has made an impact around the world. A pioneer in the travel industry, Dean was the organizer and face of Whistler’s annual Gay Ski Week. He founded Pride House in Whistler for the 2010 Winter Olympics welcoming LBGTIQ+ athletes, fan and allies. Pride House is now a mainstay at large-scale international sporting events. An event producer, activist and philanthropist, Dean was awarded an honoured for work with the Human Rights Leadership Award and honorary doctorate from Thompson Rivers University. With more than thirty years in the hospitality industry, Dr. Dean now curates worldwide adventures for explorers opening their minds through roaming the globe. He will be with you every step of the way. Are you ready to go beyond the ordinary?

Join us on the Odyssey of the Seas as we celebrate milestone birthdays and reunite with friends while sailing the Greek Isles. Click here for more information on the Sept. 11-19, 2022 sailing.

departuresXdean - an independent agent with Personal Travel Mgmt. (BC Reg. 2806) proud members of the IGLTA and the Ensemble Travel Group.

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