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Swiss Airlines - the Vegetarian's choice

Fun fact... 40% of SWISS economy passengers opt for the airline's legendary vegetarian meal making it the airline of choice amount vegetarians. The demand for vegetarian cuisine is growing – and so has culinary designs in creating menus above the clouds. For ten years, SWISS and Hiltl, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, have been exciting passengers with exceptional on-board menus.

“Hiltl is a byword for varied, high-quality vegetarian cuisine,” says Jan Trachsel, Manager Inflight Culinary Development Intercontinental for SWISS. “And as a premium airline, we greatly appreciate being able to count on our collaboration with them to offer our passengers such tasty vegetarian meals.” Hiltl’s owner and CEO, Rolf Hiltl, also values the partnership: “I am delighted that SWISS’s awareness of the potential offered by vegetarian cuisine has risen so much in the last ten years. This has also enabled us to grow increasingly bold in our in-flight meal creations.”

The vegetarian and vegan selections can be booked in all SWISS long-haul flights and selected European flights originating from Switzerland. The meals are available in all travel classes.

Click here to learn more about this and other A la carte dining options available on SWISS.

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