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Sail Unique with Explora Journeys- rolling out the PINK carpet for the LGBTQ

Honey, get ready to strut your stuff because Explora Journeys is rolling out the pink carpet with their fabulous new LGBTQ program, Prism! 🌈✨


Imagine you're lounging on your own private yacht, darling. That's the vibe Explora Journeys is serving with their Ocean Suites, Penthouses, and Residences. We're talking nine unforgettable inclusive culinary experiences and ocean-inspired wellness, all while you're whisked away to some of the most enchanting, lesser-travelled destinations in effortless European style. Yes, queen, it's all about discovering that Ocean State of Mind!

**Introducing Prism, darlings!** This isn't just a program—it's a glittering celebration, welcoming the LGBTQIA+ community and all diversity inclusionists with open, fabulous arms.

Explora Journeys knows the tea: our discerning travellers come from every fabulous walk of life. Explora celebrates every single guest who chooses to sashay with them. And honey, whether you’re bringing your own tribe or flying solo, Prism is here to connect Explora's dazzlingly diverse guests, representing the full spectrum of humanity.

From the moment you step on board, it’s all about connection and celebration. The Explora Journey's Prism social hours kick off each journey, hosted by the fiercest LGBTQIA+ members of their Experience Team and F+B Host Team. They're ready to welcome you into the Prism family and ensure you have the time of your life.

Guests will be gifted a custom Prism pin upon arrival—think of it as your badge of honour, darling. Explora's Experience Host will spill the tea on all the fabulous Prism activities, experiences, and rituals they have got lined up for you. And honey, they have thrown in some entertainment surprises because why not?

Each journey climaxes with a final Prism cocktail party where Explora's Resident Artists will serenade you and a member of the Photography Team will capture every glamorous moment. Trust, you’ll want those memories!

Uniquely Explora in every glittering detail, Prism is all about recognizing and supporting the LGBTQIA+ family. With personalized events and unforgettable moments throughout each journey, it’s the place to be for today’s discerning traveler seeking authentic connection in a fabulous, inclusive atmosphere.

So, get ready to shine bright, because on Explora Journeys, every day is a runway, and everyone is a star! 🌟💃🏽🌈

Are you ready to go beyond? Book your Explora Journey's getaway today. Click here to set up a consultation or to book today.

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