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Queerantine + Chill

Updated: Jan 19

Join us for Instagram LIVE as we connect through music from some of our favourite places!

Vincent and I both love to travel and in our current new reality of self physical isolation and social distancing - we wanted to bring some love and joy from some of our favourite destinations around the world. What better way than have some amazing DJ's spinning from their homes to give us a taste of the destination and allow us to keep dreaming of travel again in the not too distance future.

Click here to Join IG LIVE - click on the DJ's Instagram to follow or to join the set LIVE.

Queerantine + Chill Schedule

12PM PST - Beto Lopes (São Paulo, 🇧🇷), 4PM local time

1PM PST - Hollywood Tramp (Berlin, 🇩🇪), 9PM local time

2 PM PST - Ronaldo Torres (Cartagena,🇨🇴), 4PM local time

3 PM PST - Lady Hunter (Bogota, 🇨🇴), 5PM local time

4 PM PST - Paquita Gallego (Bogata, 🇨🇴), 6PM local time

5 PM PST - Lina Brandford(New York, 🇺🇸), 8PM local time

6 PM PST - Zeke Thomas (New York, 🇺🇸), 9PM local time

7 PM PST - Brian Henry (Los Angeles, 🇺🇸), 7PM local time

8 PM PST - DJ GingerBear (Vancouver, 🇨🇦), 8PM local time

9 PM PST - Dov the DJ (Winnipeg, 🇨🇦), 11PM local time

10 PM PST - Juan Cadena (Cali, 🇨🇴), 12AM local time

11 PM PST - DJ Dan Murphy (Sydney, 🇦🇺), 5PM local time

12 AM PST - Pleez (Wellington, 🇳🇿), 8PM local time

2 AM PST - Paws (Johannesburg, 🇿🇦), 11AM local time

3 AM PST - Keaparang (Johannesburg, 🇿🇦), 12PM local time

4 AM PST - Lelo Meslani (Johannesburg, 🇿🇦), 1PM local time

5 AM PST - Queezy (Cape Town, 🇿🇦), 2PM local time

6 AM PST - Daniel Mariuma (Tel Aviv, 🇮🇱), 4PM local time

7 AM PST - Alex Molla (Milan, 🇮🇹), 3PM local time

#queerandtineandchill #travelwithpride #ilovegay #dxdgaytravel

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