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Explore Mycenae for an intimate adventure through ancient Greece

This tour weaves through multiple key landmarks from Corinth Canal to the Epidaurus theater with the best acoustics in the world, to King Agamemnon’s Mycenae site to the Venetian “old town” of Nafplio to Palamadi Fortress, where you will walk down all 999 steps before a breathtaking vista of the peninsula. It is there that you will take in your authentic Greek lunch, drinks, and dessert (all our treats) with the help of your great tour leader. It is a tour your way, the details within your control, but a clear plan laid out so that you can relax and let go for a day.

You can optionally include the Ancient Corinth site and/or the Acropolis of Corinth (Acrocorinth).

Departing from Athens, Piraeus port, or Nafplio, time permitting, you will have access to complimentary extras such as Greek coffee or Ouzo.

Enjoy a totally personal, flexible, and self-directed experience of some of Greece’s most stunning sights on this full-day tour. Meet your driver between 8:00-8:30 am from Athens or Nafplio and embark in a comfortable, private vehicle.

Drive west of Athens, making a quick stop at the historic Corinth Canal before continuing on to Mycenae: a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to some of Greece’s most famous ancient ruins. Wander around the archaeological site and accompanying museum before hopping back in the vehicle and visiting the beautiful port town of Nafplio.

Nafplio, the first capital of Greece, is famous for its Old Town with the narrow streets, beautiful alleyways, neoclassical mansions, and stunning Venetian houses. An all-year-round destination for visiting the famous Venetian fortress of Palamidi in Nafplio and optionally, walk down the 999 steps enjoying the most amazing views.

Next, enjoy a sit-down, traditional Greek lunch accompanied by drinks, coffee, and dessert, before returning to your vehicle and making way to Epidaurus ancient theater. Epidaurus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to an ancient, beautifully preserved theater. Discover the landmark at your leisure.

Once you’ve finished your explorations, return to your private vehicle and head back to Athens taking the coastline route or just drive back to your Nafplio base.


☼ Full and detailed itinerary of the trip.

☼ Each traveler is allowed a maximum of one carry-on bag.

☼ Pickup and drop-off.

☼ Private driver/guide & vehicle.

☼ Optional: A visit to Palamidi fortress and walk down the 999 steps to the beautiful “old town” of Nafplio!

☼ Brand new (2019-2022) non-smoking vehicle & non-smoking driver.

☼ The dress code of your driver/tour leader depends on the season of the year, always informal but at the same time professional.

☼ Traditional Greek lunch & drinks are included but not at the obvious tourist places.

☼ In-car bottled water & information booklet.

☼ Flexible itinerary.

☼ Optional: Vegetarian lunch can be arranged in most cases. Please let us know in advance.


☼ Oversized or excessive luggage is strictly not allowed for this day trip.

☼ Pickup and drop-off in areas outside of Athens (subject to additional costs).

☼ Entrance fees: Mycenae site at €12, Palamidi Fortress €6, and Epidaurus at €12. Half price during the off-season: November-March

☼ Touristy (shopping) stops in souvenir shops unless required by yourselves.

☼ Professional guide (optional).

☼ Gratuities (optional).

Interested in this tour or another specially curated experience?

Book your Greek Luxury tour today. Click here to set up a consultation or to book today.

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