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Cape Town Cannabis Tour

The jewel of South Africa, Cape Town on the South Atlantic has a thriving Cannabis industry. Take a behind the scenes look at the legal cannabis industry. From Cannabis Therapy, brew tours, to glass blowing demonstrations and marijuana concentrate making tours. Showcasing some of Cape Town's leading industry experts to give you a one of a kind experience, that unlike the product itself you can take home with you.


- Transport by air-conditioned minivan

- Round-trip private transfer

- Bottled water Hotel drop-off Hotel pickup and drop-off

- Fuel surcharge


- Therapy seasons are not included in this price, client will have to pay separately.

What to Expect

Knowing the facts about cannabis oil reinforces the reasons why it just became legal in South Africa! As scientists garner more proof about its medical powers, so doctors prescribe cannabis oil as medication. And people are getting better. That is the bottom line – cannabis oil makes people better: mentally, emotionally and physically. Cannabis oil is also called dagga olie, hemp oil, cbd oil and weed oil. In a technical sense, cannabis oil is a sticky resin extracted from the cannabis leaves and flowers and used as an alternative, natural medicine. Various methods are used to extract the oils and most of these contain THC and CBD.

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