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Best Places to Eat in Verona, Italy

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The medieval old town of Verona is built between the meandering Adige River in Italy's Veneto region. The town is no doubt most famous for being the backdrop of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

The colourful buildings, picturesque backstreets and romantic charm make this destination a memorable experience igniting all of your senses. The sights, sounds, smells, touch and taste... Verona built on centuries of history and rich fertile farms with plentiful of fresh vegetables, and organic livestock. Here are some of our recommended places to eat while in Verona.

MICHELIN Star Eateries in Verona:

In the heart of the oldest part of Verona, in Piazza San Zeno, is a place where chef Giancarlo Perbellini reclaims his natural stage: the kitchen. Barriers vanish and the chef and his work remain at the center in a spectacular open kitchen where guests can admire the art of preparing dishes. All this in an intimate atmosphere with a small number of tables, around 24 seatings and a unique relationship between the cook and the public.

During the summer, the must-see glimpse of one of the most historical piazzas in Verona frames the outdoor tables.

The two Michelin stars, who appointed him one of the most renowned chefs in Italy, emerge in all his work, where innovation and tradition are combined in the choice of dishes.

P.zza San Zeno 16, (Access to the square from via Porta San Zeno) – Ph. +39 045 8780860 Open for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday and for dinner from Tuesday to Friday . Closed on Saturday evening.

Historic, great Italian restaurant in the heart of the city of lovers. 12 Apostoli is a tale of architectural, cultural and culinary rebirths and stratifications. The business was established in the 1920s and has evolved from countless perspectives, thanks to the great commitment of the Gioco family, whose fourth generation has given new light to Pino Casarini's colourful frescoes, renovated the dining room and - above all - brought lustre back to the restaurant with the cuisine of talented chef Mauro Buffo. In a single tasting menu, a real experience if you also book an aperitif with a visit to the historic basement (Roman excavations and the cellar), the dishes show technical precision, as well as a contemporary and creative flair, both with fish and meat, not free from references to purely Veronese flavours.

Corticella San Marco 3 - Ph. +39 045 596999 Open Tuesdays to Saturdays for dinner and also for lunch on Saturdays. Closed Mondays and Sundays

Il Desco has been a leading force in Verona’s restaurant scene for over 30 years. Elegance, tradition and technique, all enclosed within Renaissance walls. A cuisine based on heart and tradition, that takes Italian gastronomic culture and transports it through time, rendering it modern.

Via Dietro San Sebastiano, 5/7 – Ph. +39 045 595358 From June 1st, open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Closed on Mondays and Sundays.

ELEGANT restaurants in Verona

The Piazzetta Pescheria, although it is outside the main tourist circuit, is one of the most beautiful places in Verona.

Site to the antique fish market, the Pescheria welcomes guests in a well-kept environment with French bistro-style furnishings, offering an only fish menu. Thanks to the high-quality raw materials, the restaurant is counted among the best fish tables in the city. Some proposals from the menu: gnocchi with black and lobster ragout; sliced tuna in pistachio crust, cocoa and caponatina.

Piazzetta Pescheria, 9 –Ph. +39 045 9298015 Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner – on Sunday for lunch only – Closed on Mondays

The Masenini occupy a special place in the historic center of Verona, a few steps from the Arena, in a quiet widening of Via Roma, just in front of Castelvecchio.

They offer a collection of recipes of the Italian tradition, Sea and Land, from the great classics to the typical regional preparations, interpreting in a contemporary way the flavours that have built our history and our culture. The menu changes with the seasons, renewing itself from time to time to bring selected raw materials, which give dishes an authentic and genuine taste. Together with the great care and technique in the preparation, you taste the familiar flavours of tradition in a completely new way.

Via Roma, 34 – Ph. +39 0458065169 Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner – on Monday for dinner only – Closed on Sundays

L’OSTE SCURO The restaurant has the appearance of a typical trattoria but the service and cuisine reveal a high level of catering. As one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in the Verona area, the focus is on the highest quality fish Fresh, raw materials are carefully selected and prepared, ranging from crudités to assortments of clams, mussels, oysters, and lobsters.

The chef shrewdly crafts hot dishes such as pasta, risotto, and soup with fresh, daily ingredients, offering bluefish as well as less known varieties paired with simple preparations, to highlight their flavour and quality. Along with the menu, periodically updated according to the season, a refined wine list is offered.

Vicolo San Silvestro, 10 – Ph. +39 045 592650 Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner – on Monday for dinner only - Closed on Sundays

50 meters from the basilica of San Zeno, patron saint of the city, inside a former workshop completely renovated with large outdoor spaces for the summer, menu equally divided between meat and fish, as well as vegetarian inserts, prepared according to a modern taste.

Via Pontida, 3 – Ph. +39 045 8035084 Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner

In a building rich in history, a stone’s throw from the Arena, is the Darì Ristorante & Enoteca.The restaurant stems from Corinna and Giuliano’s desire to create an intimate, welcoming atmosphere that tells a story in which every dish evokes experiences and emotions. The menu contains old original recipes executed in a modern way, with innovative techniques. The offerings, based on meat and fish, are seasonal and are made with selected and local ingredients, with a glance across the border. The authenticity of the ingredients gives diners an experience of peace and well-being, enriched also by vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Vicolo Cieco San Pietro Incarnario, 5 – Ph. +39 045 595022 Open Mondays to Thursdays for lunch and dinner – on Wednesday for dinner only - Closed on Tuesdays

A few steps from the Arena, the restaurant offers traditional cuisine but with some reinterpretations that make it special. You will find, for example, crepes with shellfish ragout and Vicenza-style cod. Excellent selection of Venetian and Italian wines. Elegant and suggestive environment.

Via Dietro Listone, 19/D – Ph. +39 045 832 1011

Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner

Historic restaurant in the heart of Verona, anticipated by the beautiful courtyard where the outdoor area is located. Great slightly modern impression cuisine. From the menu: tagliatelle pasta with asparagus, duck ragout and Monte Veronese Stravecchio; turbot on braised Belgian endive, beetroot pesto and herring caviar. It is possible to visit the cellar, where Roman archaeological items were found, with an excellent selection of wines.

Piazza delle Erbe, 38 –Ph. +39 045 8010015

Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner

The jewel in the crown of a group of restaurants which belong to the same owner, La Canonica is contemporary both in its decor and its cuisine. Its dishes are full of modern colour and beautifully presented, with a choice of à la carte or tasting menu options, thanks to the original approach of the young chef.

Vicolo San Matteo 3 |Ph.+39 045 473 2625 Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. Thursday only for dinner. Closed on Wednesday.

AUTHENTIC homestyle dining in Verona

Historic restaurant in the city center, welcomes guests in a characteristic room and offers a cuisine faithful to tradition. From the menu: tagliolini egg pasta with veal sweetbreads and beans from Val Belluna; Vicenza- style cod, Venetian creamed, with Maranello polenta. Excellent selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses; rich territorial cellar.

Vicolo Regina d'Ungheria, 5 – Ph. +39 045 8030537 Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner - on Sunday for lunch only

LOCANDA DI CASTELVECCHIO Historical place in the city, it welcomes guests in a characteristic room from the 1700s. It offers traditional Veronese dishes with attention to seasonality and the quality of the raw materials. The trolley of boiled meats accompanied by typical sauces is recommended. Castelvecchio, 21A – Ph. +39 045 8030097 Open Thursday to Monday for lunch and dinner – on Wednesday for dinner only - Closed on Tuesdays

Among the oldest and most prestigious historic venuesin Italy, the “Bottega” has a long history with roots dating back to the XVI century. Once a meeting place for artists and intellectuals, today it has become an internationally recognized place where wine is the undisputed protagonist

In the heart of the historic center, this is an oasis dedicated to the lovers of typical Veronese cuisine, but also to the most demanding wine lovers, who can find a myriad of references with a nice depth of vintages. Rich menu, informal service and welcoming environment.

Via Scudo di Francia, 3 – Ph. +39 045 8004535

Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner

Just outside the city walls of the historic center of Verona, Unesco heritage, a short distance from the monumental Porta Vescovo, is the trattoria San Basilio, since the early twentieth century a place of refreshment as a tavern. The Trattoria has maintained the warmth of the past in the rustic, well-kept interiors and in the summer months in the large shaded garden that boasts an over a hundred years old vine: a spectacular setting for your dinner which is simple, but well cared for, balanced between traditional and modern.

Via Pisano 9 – Ph. +39 045 520475 Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Closed on Sundays

Plein-air service in one of Verona's most beautiful squares, but if the weather doesn't permit it, the interior rooms with their nineteenth-century decorations are no less evocative. The cuisine oscillates between local and national specialties, with a preference for grilled food and a particular research on meat. Piazza dei Signori,2 – Ph. +39 045 8000083 Open Tuesday to Sundays for lunch and dinner. Closed on Mondays

Near Ponte Pietra, in the heart of the historic center of Verona, magnificent buildings built on ancient Romanesque stones still stand today: the nearest building, the first which is presented to the visitor, houses the Ponte Pietra Restaurant. The restaurant, completely renovated and elegantly furnished with furniture from the 1800s, offers its guests an elegant and refined atmosphere; the rooms overlook the Adige river, offering one of the most romantic and evocative views that the city of Verona can offer. The interior rooms are of undoubted charm and the cuisine is linked to the territory, but with creative ideas and great attention to the cellar.

Via Ponte Pietra 34 - Ph. +39 045 80 41 929 Open Mondays to Saturdays for lunch and dinner. Closed on Sundays

The restaurant, led by the multi-starred chef Giancarlo Perbellini, welcomes guests in a simple and informal room. It offers an excellent Neapolitan pizza, seasoned with seasonal and quality ingredients, and easily digestible, thanks to the slow leavening (48 hours) of the dough. Large selection of Italian craft beers.

Galleria Pellicciai, 10 – Ph. +39 045 595562

Open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner

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