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Avalon Waterways Food and Drink


Local. Healthy. Ingredients.

Today’s traveller seeks a balance between indulgence and staying healthy while on vacation. At Avalon Waterways, they think you deserve healthy food options. They also think it should taste great. This has led them to bring fresh ideas to the table—literally—in the form of Avalon Fresh®.


Avalon Waterways has teamed up with two of Europe’s rising culinary stars, the Wrenkh brothers, in creating Avalon Fresh. The Brothers Wrenkh were raised in the first high-quality vegetarian restaurant in Austria, where the family motto is “Eating is Life!” The focus for the Avalon Fresh menu collection is using healthy and wholesome items. The menu also offers gluten-free options.


Who says healthy cuisine can’t be inspiring? On an Avalon Waterways river cruise, you can take an indulgent vacation without drifting from your healthy habits. You will appreciate the choice to eat healthy at every meal with Avalon Fresh® with the freshest ingredients, they serve clean, surprising flavours with a dash of innovation. These creative yet wholesome options are available on board at every meal. Whether you are looking for an energizing juice at breakfast, an artfully crafted salad at lunch, or a high-protein plate at dinner, Avalon Fresh allows you to fuel your ventures—and nutritional values—day or night.

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